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Important announcement

Sustainable Partnerships, Education and Agriculture.

INTRODUCING: The Sustainable Studies In Action Programme:
A proposed Environment Tobago project for 2021 and beyond...

Seeking sustainability from and for our protected areas

A big threat for T&T’s protected spaces whether savannah, forest, reef or wetand is forced degradation. It’s probably just as big a problem as our current shortage of income. But because nature cannot talk money is perceived as more critical to our survival than nature. Figure that out. Arguably, the solutions to both comes down to management.


Even if the pandemic has not been conquered the overall vibe is about economic recovery. The thing is no one knows what shape that will take. Will it be the wild wild west of development; a buildfest of growth? We trust, hope, that government will manage the situation and position the country into a comparative or competitive position. But with whom?

Road to economic recovery

A roadmap is a strategic plan outlining a goal or a desired outcome and includes pointers. It is also a tool that articulates the thinking for getting to the goal.

‘Recovery’ in the Roadmap context

  • Economic recovery will be achieved when we re-attain a balanced national T&T budget for ‘X’ years running.

  • Enlist a creditable index (e.g adult literacy rates, housing, jobs, income distribution, more) to mirror quality of life.



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