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Tobago Environmental Partnership Conference

Yesterday, 9 April, the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment (DIQE) together with its partners, Environment Tobago, and Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC), engaged the media on the upcoming inaugural Tobago Environmental Partnership Conference 2019, themed ‘The Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods’.


Call for advocates

The society steps up

In keeping with the deliverables of the CSOs4GoodGov project, the coalition of NGO's under the lead of United Way TT has drafted a paper, which seeks to uplift the legal standing and fiscal profiles of civil society organisations. It is an argument in early days obviously, but the problems under discussion are as old as hunger, dating as far back as only an elephant might remember.

Reigniting the tourism

Community tourism is defined as tourism which takes into account current, future, economic, social and environment impacts, even as it strives to provide for visitors, homeboys, big industry players and the afterthought, natural environment. Even as we speak Tobago, armed with this definition - niftily provided by the World Tourism Organization, is reaching out once more to the traveling public in the developed north. If we persevere we might get lucky; assuming the budget goes where its supposed to and hurricanes are fake news.

State of the Environment Report 2018

While we agree that sustainability is not always easy, its a slow grind to keep developmental activity in Tobago on a sustainable path. In 2018 Tobago faces the multiple realities of reduced tourism - its bread and butter, threats to the food supply chain - with adverse weather affecting crops, fishermen catching everything except enough fish, and little respite expected from the annual allocation of money from the treasury, national oil and gas revenues not allowing the usual great expectations.

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