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Environment Tobago's involvement and push for BIOREACH


How exactly does BIOREACH work and what is it?
Basically, BIOREACH pertains to a push for Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecological Land Restoration in Productive Landscapes.
This is of course in keeping with the Trinidad and Tobago context.

Through a Global Environment Fund approved programme, Environment Tobago, is specifically being poised to benefit greatly from this initiative, through the organisation’s involvement and participation. Coupled with various levels and sector oriented involvement (government, private sector and civil society influence and input) Environment Tobago is set to be a key player in the entire operation and execution in the Tobago context.

This brings us to the point where a further understanding in general of the concept of Agroecology is required.
What exactly is it?

Agroecology can be easily described as an approach that effectively integrates social and ecological theories and principles to the development, management and sustainability of food and agricultural mechanisms.
What this approach essentially seeks to do, is optimize the interaction among plants, animals, humans and the environment which is notwithstanding consideration to social aspects that need to be addressed for a sustainable food system.
In terms of the modern context, this concept has been identified by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations as the way forward for sustainable development where food security is concerned.

What makes this approach different or unique?
Basically, the easiest way to describe this push would be from a bottom up sort of approach. Pointing specifically to the context of the local demographic that is being targeted or worked along with. Another strong reasoning for implementation of this approach is the emphasis on problem solving, with a view of finding long term and sustainable solutions.
• Diversity
• Synergies
• Efficiency
• Resilience
• Recycling
• Co-creation and sharing of knowledge.
• Human and social values
• Culture and food traditions
• Responsible governance
• Circular and solidarity economy

With these targeted goals and objectives, we can safely say that there is some measure of hope, where sustainable food security is concerned.
We wait with bated breath to see how the outcomes benefit the island of Tobago.

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