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About ET

Environment TOBAGO (ET) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. Established in 1996 and registered under the Companies Act (1995), ET prides itself on 23 years of advocating for the welfare of local environment. But it works as well towards ways to mitigate nature-induced events or other stressors that threatens way-of-life both here and abroad. The organization comprises an elected board of directors all volunteers, salaried staff and importantly members.

ET's funding comes mainly through donor grants and contributions. These over time have included; the Fernandes Trust Fund, BHP TT, the British High Commission, BPTT, the Canadian High Commission, the Trinidad Hilton Hotel, PAHO/UNEP, UNDP/GEF, the Tobago House of Assembly and many others. Smaller companies have also contributed, for instance ACE Printery, BarCode, Essentially Tobago, Magus ICT and scores of others to numerous to mention here.
Other fund-raising efforts include; book and memorabilia
sales and membership fees. Project partnerships on the national level are a fairly recent development for ET but it is an area that promises growth as well as mission satisfaction. Paid consultation on environmental issues is an area that promises some revenue for the
NGO though it is still under-subscribed.

Our Capacity:

Environment Tobago has implemented several projects over the years including; the Keep A Clean School Awards Program and the Tobago Ridge to Reef Education Program, both of which are still running. We maintain Summer and Easter holiday eco-focus camps.In years past our awareness and advocacy work ranged from calypso competitions to training Tobago school teachers, to earthwater quality water testing.

Our Human Resources:

Environment Tobago currently has full time staff comprising an office assistant and the education programme manager. Membership comprises people of diverse backgrounds, skills and nationalities, many of whom assist ET in its work.

Our Partnerships:

In keeping with its mission, Environment Tobago strives to maintain presence in all stakeholder consultations or initiatives that can help with conserving, improving or alternately - altering local or regional ecosystems.
For example; ET has recently been reappointed for another 4 year term as the Caribbean region's focal point for the GEF CSO Network. It also serves as the Tobago sub-committee co-chair on the Integrated Forests and Protected Area Management Project (IFPAMTT), a GEF large scale project under implementation by the FAO.

Environment TOBAGO also functions as a project partner with major NGOs implementing the nationally targeted CSOs4GoodGov and CSOs4EcoOversight projects - both funded by the European Commission. These are separate initiatives but both are working towards improving Trinidad and Tobago's chances to meet its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. To that end ET takes pride in its involvement with the Catalysts Network - a coalition of like-minded NGO's seeking sustainability through sensible development.

ET is also the current chair of the Council of the Presidents of the Environment (COPE), a national umbrella organisation.


Environment TOBAGO produces an annual report and audited accounts at the end of each financial year. Copies of these are located at ET's office and available for viewing by the membership or interested individual on request. The Board meets once monthly. Elections of officers take place on a bi-annual basis. Further, and this has always been our policy, any member can request at anytime, full access to our records.

The Board of Directors for period 2018-2021:

  • Bertrand Bhikarry (President)
  • Patricia Turpin (Vice President)
  • Dr Ryan Allard (Secretary)
  • Andy Michael Roberts (Treasurer)
  • Andrea Tuitt
  • Wendy Austin
  • Dave Nelson
  • Aljoscha Wothke

Staff members:

Barry Lovelace (Education Coordinator)
Sean McCoon (Communications & Admin)

Contact Information:


Office Address:

#11 Cuyler Street

Scarborough Tobago WI

Mailing Address:

Post Office Box 503

Scarborough Tobago, W I

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