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There's a lot more going here than simple drainage

wetland in Mt Irvine under threat

This simple Assembly project, billed no doubt as a Recovery measure will probably kill the little reef off Mt Irvine, will in all likelihood denude the beach of its pink sands and sure as shylock is going to kill the wetland in the foreground. How doe something this shameful come to pass?

Rumour has its a brainpoop of the engineering brains in the Division of Works (Its DIQE really but why advertise for them when they are to shy to put this project on their webpage). A thinking person might have thought to advise them of the folly of dumping - well, whatever will come down from the Prospect side of town and into the only swim-friendly beach on the entire south coast.

Is there a reason beyond the simple fact they want to make box drains, lots and lots of concrete box drains? Probably. If I had a few extra concrete trucks to hand as well as access to a profligate buyer of concrete I suppose I’d build a few thousand meters of box drains all over Tobago meself and devil take the hindmost.


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