Ridge to Reef Education Program

Environment Tobago is pleased to announce the start of another environmental education exercise.

The “Ridge to Reef Education program (RREP) for Secondary Schools”, is a project designed to expose select 13-18 year old students from Tobago's secondary schools for one academic year, to see, learn and experience local ecosystems of economic and cultural value. Specifically, the project targets the key coral reef system - Buccoo, the invaluable wetlands of Petit Trou and Buccoo and the Main Ridge Rainforest located in the region above Roxborough.

Petit Trou Inner Lagoon looking eastward
Petit Trou Inner Lagoon Looking East - Image courtesy David Shim

Project delivery will include in-class lectures complete with media presentations and guided educational field trips. The project also includes training during the holiday period for educators who teach EE.

ET believes that school system presents the best opportunity to transfer information that can translate into positive pressure, necessary if the public is to get involved in the protection of these valuable natural resources.

Finally and importantly Environment Tobago acknowledges the immense support extended to this NGOs mission by the J B Fernandes Trust who covered the bulk of RREPs expenses - the project budget is $75,000 US. The Fernandes Trust provides direct support for work that identifies and addresses root causes of societal problems and targets ways to bring about significant change. The Trust is one of the few private funders working in Trinidad and Tobago, and for some organizations has been their sole source of nongovernmental support.
RREP was also supported with funds from ETs own accounts as well as in-kind support of its members.